McDonalds Changes Logo to Pair of Sagging Breasts in Honor of International Women’s Day


LYNWOOD, CA. – This past week McDonalds made a large two large statements when the company announced to the world that they would be temporarily replacing the iconic golden arches logo with a pair of golden sagging breasts in honor of International Women’s Day.

While the original wasn’t exactly a far-cry from this busty look, McDonalds says this new logo will not only honor women but better represents the nourishing nature of the chain. The company held an official press release last Thursday to announce the news.

“Two runny fried eggs isn’t just our new special,” said Global Chief of Public Relations, Ronald McDonald. “These gals are an empowering symbol; a celebration of women across the globe.”

The move was met with immediate backlash however, with men and women alike taking to the internet to voice their displeasure. McDonalds quickly took measures to try and quell the anger, but their vouchers for free milkshakes only proved to make matters worse.

While a pair of glorious golden breasts may appeal to some, it appears most of the world would rather see McDonalds celebrate women by paying better wages, offering longer paid maternity leave, and hiring women in leadership roles. McDonalds would later announce they would be honoring men as well, with plans to flip the sign back to ‘M’ for the remaining 374 days.