Mathematicians Compete in Pi Reciting Contest

Pi Reciting Contest


AMES – County fairs are popular, and one in Iowa is drawing large numbers. Matematico County Fair is hosting a Pi Reciting Contest, and contestants are racing to recite the renowned ratio. The contest began last Sunday, and shows no sign of stopping. Several contestants have been eliminated, including 5th grade mathlete Billy Ray Sho.

“I’ve had my fill,” Ray Sho weezed, after four hours straight. “I can’t even handle one more bite of Pi.” It seems the contest really did a number on him and several other math wiz kids.

Pi reciters are judged on speed, accuracy, and coefficiency, and grading will be done on a curve. Some fairgoers believe this contest is more than a numbers game, saying there’s physics involved, and endurance will determine the winner.

The Pi-eyed contestants are showing only a fraction of the energy they had at the start, but they’re keeping it real, determined to win their piece of the Pi. Audience numbers have shrunk since the week began, but a small circle of fans remains transfixed.

The fair’s organizer, Al Gorithem, said he randomly came up with the idea. “I thought the contest would be a positive way to showcase local computational talent,” said Gorithem, “and, simply for nonstop fun.”

Critics are saying this Pi in the sky idea is completely irrational. Mathematicians said they won’t argue with that, because such discussions could go on forever and most likely the contest will too.