Man’s Penis Unaware This is a Funeral

shot of man's midsection with his hands clasped together in front of his crotch

BUFFALO – Josh Baker flew home from college to attend his great grandmother’s funeral. Despite the heartbroken atmosphere in the funeral home and resurfaced memories of his sweet nana, Josh’s penis didn’t care. His penis was more interested in the unknown MILF kneeling in the church pew in front of him.

Unbeknownst to Josh, he would be asked to give a speech about his great grandmother in front of all of his relatives. “I really tried my best to remind myself that I was at a funeral, but my penis wouldn’t listen,” Josh told us. When Josh was called on to speak, before standing up, he muttered to himself, “dead grandma, dead grandma, dead grandma,” but it just wasn’t enough. Josh was forced to think on his feet and gave his eulogy with a framed photo of his great grandmother strategically placed in front of his pants.