Man Unsure if Neighbor is Serial Murderer or Just Quirky

Man on his front lawn at work with a weed wacker

ROCHESTER – Matt Johnston has lived next door to Greg Fischer for more than a decade. In an exclusive interview with Matt, he stated that Greg was always “cordial” and “pleasant” to be around, but something didn’t seem right about him. “Greg just came off as the kind of guy that you could invite to a house party and he’d win everyone over with his awkward charm, but also I could totally see him having a frozen head in his freezer,” Matt stated placidly.

Matt isn’t the only one in the neighborhood that feels this way. Stacy McMullan, who has also been a resident of the neighborhood for quite some time, has reported an ominous odor coming from the Fisher household on more than one occasion when she goes for her nightly walk. “I always feel like I should do something about it, but he’s just such a fun guy to be around that I always end up forgetting about it,” Stacy told us on a phone interview. She went on to state, “If he is a serial murderer, he’ll go down as the nicest one in history.” Only time will tell what the truth is with regards to Greg being a serial murderer, but man, is he ever a silly guy.