Man Feels Healthier with Fresh Fruit Just Sitting out on the Counter


Orange County – During the gray winter months, Pete Saman has a hard time finding time to exercise. His sedentary lifestyle combined with all the rich holiday meals and never-ending supply of sweets at work has him feeling lethargic and depressed. To lift his spirits and self-esteem, Pete finds just placing fruit around his kitchen makes him feel healthier.

“I never really eat it. It’s more like aspirational fruit,” Pete explained. “You know how just considering to order a salad from the fast food menu makes you feel better about wolfing down a double cheese burger today? It’s like that.”

Pete’s girlfriend Rosemary used to make fun of him until he commented on the rolled-up yoga mat covered in a thin layer of dust in the corner of the room. “When was the last time you did your sun salutations,” Pete scoffed. “And you lounge around in those yoga pants all weekend, but we all know the real reason you wear stretchy pants.”

The truth is that we all have aspirational items around the house, whether it’s a book we’ll never read or a dress we’ll never fit into again. What makes Pete special is that he buys fresh fruit every week from the store with no real intention of eating it. Wasteful? Maybe. But like Pete says, “It’s cheaper than therapy or a gym membership, so what’s the harm?”