Man Checks Paper Cut Every Hour to See if it’s Healed

close up of a paper cut on a finger tip

WUSSVILLE – While opening a package, local resident, Pat Thedik got a paper cut on his left index finger. Pat immediately went to find a Band-Aid, just in case that one drop of blood he saw led to a few more. Although he successfully avoided his left hand for the rest of the day, Pat spent the next day constantly checking every hour to see if it healed.

Pat said, “Just when I finally thought my finger was better, I must have put too much pressure, reopening the wound, which set my recovery back at least 8 hours.” Specialist in paper cuts and hangnails, Dr. Manny Kure, strongly advises to first try treating the paper cut at home before coming into the hospital. Pat’s finger remains in stable condition and a fully recovery is expected.