Local Man Reads All iPhone Terms and Conditions Before Agreeing


CHICAGO – Peter Mac’n’Tosh was confirmed this morning to have read all the iPhone Terms and Conditions. Peter said “between work and the kids it took about 8 weeks.”  Apple attorneys were not prepared to give a statement because each attorney only worked on a specific section of the agreement that was later pieced together. Peter credits his mother and attorney Sarah Mac’n’Tosh for warning Peter at an early age about reading every word before signing document.  Sarah said, “When Peter was 8, I wrote in Peter’s allowance contract that he would be paid in monopoly money, just to teach him a valuable life lesson.”

Ever since that day Peter continues to be cautious of what he reads and signs. It was not an easy decision for Peter, but he ultimately found the benefits of having internet at his fingertips outweighed the assumed risks of testicular cancer from keeping the phone in his side pocket.   Currently Peter is halfway through the terms & conditions of Facebook and hopes to be a new member of this popular site later this year.