Local Man Found with Hands That Fit Bowling Ball Perfectly

Hand in bowling ball

JASPER – A small town in Indiana is making national news this weekend as one of its residents, Dale Gutter, went to a bowling alley and found a bowling ball that fit his hands perfectly.  Miraculously, the ball is also the perfect weight for Tucker’s arm strength, and the finger holes spaced just right to provide a comfortable grip.

According to Tucker, “Usually I have to settle for a ball that’s the right weight but finger holes spaced out for a 6 year old girl.”    Crowds gathered to watch Dale Gutter bowl, but were disappointed to see him score only 79 points.   Tucker did mention his average is closer to mid 60’s so he was pleased with his performance.

The bowling alley appeared overwhelmed by the media and reluctantly gave Dale Gutter this ball he found.  Gutter refused to comment on the fit of his bowling shoes but did report, “I can’t wait to use this ball again next year when the family can’t decide what to do during the holidays.”