Local Girls Pile in car for Spring Break Road Trip to Florida’s Nearest Planned Parenthood

Three teenage girls piled into the back of a SUV

HOLLY SPRINGS – This spring break a gaggle of fun-loving gals from Holly Springs Mississippi are piling into their car and hitting the freeway for a madcap adventure of epic proportions. These loveable goofballs are headed on a wacky road trip to Florida’s nearest Planned Parenthood, eagerly anticipating a wild weekend full of much needed medical treatment.

“It was a crazy coincidence that brought us together, really,” admitted Stacy, the queen bee of the bunch. “We all needed a break from our boring lives in snoozeville. And, for one reason or another, we all also needed some emergency gynecological care. It’s like, hello, non-functioning IUD over here. Anyway, there’s only one active clinic in the entire state of Mississippi that provides legal abortions, and the line for services is nuts. For real, the wait list to get in there, plus state-mandated counseling sessions, PLUS required appointments for ultrasounds and fetal heart-tone procedures would take us all way past Mississippi’s 20-week mark for legal procedures. So, it’s like, duh, no brainer – instead I’m taking all my bestie bitches down to Florida for some sun, fun, and spring break abortions!

Stacy and company crammed into her mom’s “borrowed” station wagon for their zany get-away, and split travel expenses four ways to maximize the fun. “I mean, between gas, hotel, food, and missing work, we couldn’t afford to both go on a cray-cray va-cay AND get the reproductive health services we so desperately need. So we decided to combine the two. This 1400 mile, 20-hour roundtrip journey to the northernmost Florida Planned Parenthood in Jacksonville is the closest thing we’re going to get to our dream vacation, so we’re planning to just let loose. It’s about to get bonkers down there, y’all. Comradery, debauchery, and of course safe legal abortions. You got to think, we’re only this young once!”