Local Business Owner Thought Getting a Large Neon Sign was a Good Idea at the Time

Neon sign spelling out Maryland Hotel with only Land Ho illuminated.

BALTIMORE – James Johnson of the Maryland Hotel chain, remembered opening up his first hotel and how nice he thought it would be to have one of those large neon signs. James said, “It brightened the sky, and you could see it for miles. At the time, it seemed like a no-brainer.”

While James justified the $15,000 cost of the sign, he regrets not buying a warranty on the individual letters. The first to burn out happened to be the letter A, and it didn’t make sense to repair the sign for just one letter.  

Next the M, R, and Y, went out at the same time. At that point, James felt it was best to just wait for the rest of the sign to go out first.

He felt with half his letters gone dark and now saying just “Ho Land” that it brought in the wrong type of customers.   Despite all of the broken letters, James still thinks he made the right decision at the time.