Local Badass Puts out E-Cigarette on Tongue

man pressing e-cigarette on tounge

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY – According to eyewitnesses at the neighborhood Palm Civet Coffee House, local badass Mark Richards put out an e-cigarette directly on his tongue.

“Did you see how the tip glowed blue when it touched his tongue? What a beast!” reported one observer who was awestruck at Mark’s rebellious nature.

Reports indicate that Mark, known for being a real sparkplug who will try anything, bravely stuck his tongue out and slowly dropped the glowing tip of the e-cig into his exposed mouth like a f***ing rock star.

“What an awesome dude – I bet you that guy could kick all of our asses,” remarked another one of the little people cheering Mark on. At press time, half those in attendance pledged to start vaping soon so they can be just as cool as Mark.