Leaning Into a Category 5: Assertiveness Tips for Female Hurricanes

Scene from hurricane wreckage in a tropical town.

MIAMI – Every tropical storm dreams of hitting the beach with some impact and working her way up to a category 5 hurricane, but we all have to start somewhere! Our weather empowerment experts sat down with some powerful female weather systems who started from the bottom, and worked their way into high-powered destruction on a global scale. We asked them what advice they’d give themselves, when they were just light drizzles looking to make their mark on unsuspecting coastal towns:

  • Don’t let El Niño Take Credit for Your Hard Work!

“I can’t tell you how often I’d reign destruction on tiny fishing villages, just to have El Niño swoop in and steal my thunder. Press outlets would give him credit for my wreckage. My advice is to leave an angry swirling paper-trail no matter what storms you spearhead, and never be afraid to take credit where credit is due!”- Hurricane Abigail

  • Wear a Power Color

“There is nothing better than waltzing over coastlines and levies in a ferocious power suit. Give that early evening sky a color that they will never forget as they board their windows and huddle for safety. My favorite is power-clash: Midnight orange and pea-soup green.”-Hurricane Rhonda

  • Get the facts: Female Hurricanes are Deadlier than Male Hurricanes

“I once had a weather-system mansplain to me that actually, hurricanes with male monikers were responsible for more death and destruction than female hurricanes, and I came right back with a slew of meteorological statistics. Did you know that female hurricanes are responsible for twice as many deaths on average as compared to males? It’s because we’re underestimated.” -Hurricane Denise

  • Crest Over that Glass Riverbank!

“Where I touched down, no one had ever seen a female hurricane in a position of power, so I met a lot of roadblocks, and sandbags and levies. Sometimes everything is working against you and you just have to power through.” -Hurricane Joanna

  • Look to Audrey, Katrina and Sandy

“I’m just so inspired by my heroines, Audrey, Katrina and Sandy. They got out there, did the destruction nobody thought that they could and made the path forward clear for all of us struggling female hurricanes. Well, them and global warming, mad props to that, too.” -Hurricane Mindy