Latest Poll Shows Trump Now More Unpopular Than Ticketmaster

Graph showing Trump alongside other unpopular items.

WEST HOLLYWOOD – President Trump’s popularity has now sunk below Ticketmaster levels.  Chad Hangen from The Pew Research Center said, “These are the lowest numbers we’ve seen for a president and even Bush only made it to Spirit Airlines level.”

When Trump was elected, he was already less popular than a Jiffy Lube attendant but still more popular than the U.S. post office. When he fired James Comey and undermined the FBI, the president saw his approval rating slip below that of the Spirit Airlines. After withdrawing the US from the Paris climate deal, his popularity took a nosedive as low as the DMV. But his latest comments have taken Trump below even Ticketmaster.

Even Ticketmaster CEO Ray Pufees was surprised. He suggested that the president needs to rebrand himself and maybe charge the US tax payer a service fee for 9 holes of golf instead of 18.

Trump refused to comment or do anything that would take attention away from himself. He said he doesn’t believe in polls anyway, and added that Ticketmaster did a great job selling out seats to his presidential rallies.