Kids in Morning Not Concerned Parents Have to be Somewhere

busy kitchen with kid running around

SUBURBS – The Jones family have two kids Grayson and Paisley, both of whom aren’t really motivated by the concept of time. Last Tuesday morning, Grayson said to his parents, “Why can’t I bring my Legos to school? And, how am I supposed to eat this without a fork?” Paisley said, “Dad, get my hair brush. And, Mom I’m not wearing this!”

Both children responded “Yes,” when asked if their parents had jobs but had absolutely no understanding that those jobs started a specific time. Grayson and Paisley also were not familiar with the fact that leaving a few minutes later in the morning might multiply the time stuck in traffic.

When we left their house, Grayson wasn’t too concerned with finding his left shoe, and Paisley wanted a little more sleep.