Jealous Dog Photobombs New Baby Pictures

Baby sleeping in the background, but a smiling dog photobombs the photo in the foreground.

JONESBOROUGH – The Coleman family dog has been leapt in front of the lens every time the young couple tried to take photographs of their new baby.

The canine, named Mister Muggles, acted out of sheer jealousy, according to new mother, Sherrie Coleman. “Our dog has been acting strange ever since we brought baby Jill home,” said Mrs. Coleman. “I can understand his need for attention, but his photobombing is simply out of control.”

Mr. Coleman said the posturing pup has ruined some otherwise delightful baby moments. “We spent time saying ‘ga ga goo goo’ to get little Jill to smile, and when she finally did, there pops up Mister Muggles’s stupid head.”

One picture shows the newborn peacefully swaddled in a blanket, interrupted by Mister Muggles’s drooling grin. Another shows baby Jill holding a rattle, which Mister Muggles eyes maniacally as if it’s a new dog toy.

The Colemans are considering taking baby Jill to a photography studio where they needn’t worry about a sudden appearance of the photobombing bandit.

The dog had no comment, other than “ARF!” which translated means “HA!”