Human Rights Groups Blame Funny or Die Website for Tens of Thousands of Deaths


NEW YORK CITY – The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and other global human rights groups have sounded the alarm against the popular online video comedy channel Funny or Die. According to reports, the production company is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths (at least). Kenneth Roth of the Human Rights Watch issued a harsh decree about the internet comedy hub, “When it gets right down to it, there’s nothing funny about death. As far as we can tell, lives are at risk every day on the popular site, and that is no laughing matter.”

Like an online Roman Colosseum, the Funny or Die website pits short silly comedic videos against one another in a fight to the death. Users of the site vote comedic videos as either funny or “die.” Those deemed to be funny get to stay, while those with too many “die” votes are tossed into the site’s “crypt.” The existence of this supposed tomb for online content has human rights groups concerned. “We think if international coalitions dug a little deeper into this matter, they would find a mass grave site the likes of which we’ve never seen before,” said Roth.