House Vandalized With a CVS Receipt

House Covered In CVS Receipt

WARWICK – Toilet papering houses has been a favorite prank of troublemaking teenagers for generations, but last weekend, a new prank was seen: the front yard of a home was covered in a long receipt from CVS. The streaming paper was looped over tree branches, displaying all three items the person bought.

Homeowner Daryl spotted the ExtraBucks rewards and knew right then his home had been CV-essed. The streaming length of paper was looped over tree branches and the railing of the front steps, displaying discounts on everything from Q-tips to mixed nuts.  Daryl’s wife Jody said she wasn’t angry, but wished the receipt’s savings were transferable. 

Detective Cob Roller, said “We caught the hooligans tracing the evidence back to the local store number found in the bushes where it all had started.  Lucky for us, rain would have totally hamper the entire investigation.”