High Fructose Corn Syrup on Snapple’s List of “Best Stuff On Earth”

Three bottles of Snapple juice

PLANO – Since the 1990’s, Snapple has been known for its slogan: Made From The Best Stuff On Earth. The company is finally speaking out about what it believes that “Best Stuff” really is.

Larry Olds, Public Relations Specialist for the Snapple Group, touts their magic ingredient: High Fructose Corn Syrup. “Some of our drinks have no sugar, just good old-fashioned High Fructose Corn Syrup. Fructose is from fruit, you, know, and fruit is what Snapple is all about.” Olds explained that High Fructose is a higher grade than regular fructose. When asked about the corn syrup part, he simply stated that corn is a staple of our diet, and syrup makes things sweet.

The fruit content of Snapple products has sometimes come under scrutiny, because most Snapple drinks have less than 10% real fruit juice. “That’s still a lot, that 10%,” said Olds. “I mean, if you have 100% fruit juice, that’s too much fruit, which can lead to people getting overweight.”

Further confusing consumers is the fact that some of their real fruit ingredients are not always what they seem. One Snapple Juice drink called Snapple Apple, which has a picture of an apple on the bottle, actually contains no apples whatsoever. It may be all natural, but it is made from pears. The bottle does have the disclaimer “With Other Natural Flavors.” Those deceptive flavors are also part of the Best Stuff On Earth.

Snapple also considers preservatives to be the Best Stuff On Earth, like Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. “We believe in preservatives, because we believe in preserving freshness,” said Olds. “Freshness is what you want in fruit. And preserving is about preservation. We’re preservationists here, and that’s good for the environment.”

Added colors are also considered the Best Stuff On Earth, starting with artificial colors. Despite presenting itself as a natural beverage, Snapple uses artificial colors, such as Blue #1. “We could have used a different Blue, like Blue #2 or #3,” Olds explained. “But we wanted the best, so we went with #1. There’s no better blue than Blue #1. Let’s hear it for Blue #1!”