HBO Demotes Bill Maher to Field Hand

Bill Maher looking nervous on his show.

LOS ANGELES – After a recent controversy on his show “Real Time with Bill Maher,” HBO CEO Richard Plepler is demoting Mr. Maher from show host to field worker. Plepler originally considered firing Maher, but thought Maher’s spry, organically-fed working bones shouldn’t go to waste.

“It was getting to the point where we’re embarrassed to bring guests up to the studio because we never knew what he was going to say,” said Plepler. “Now, with Bill out in the field all day, he can spout his politically incorrect craziness as loud as he wants and still fulfill his contract to HBO,” adding, “He’s probably of more use out there anyway.”

In his new role as field hand, Maher will be expected till and plow the HBO grounds from sun up to sun down – a backbreaking job he’ll share with blue-collar Trump-voting workers. The HBO staff speculates that Maher should feel right at home in this new position, as he’ll have to get used to quite a few new rules.

“Bill is a working-class guy, so I’m sure he’ll fit right in to a manual labor job,” mused Plepler from inside his air conditioned office. “If not, I have no reservations about calling him a whiny little bitch.”

At press time, Maher’s was seen running and screaming through a wheat field while being chased by Ben Affleck in a giant tractor.