Guy on Plane Hopes This Airline Is the One That Gives the Entire Soda Can

Airline Gives Entire Soda Can

NEWARK- Frequent traveler, Tim Hope was aboard flight 868 going from Pittsburgh to Newark when drink service was about to commence. Tim was very thirsty, especially after consuming the entire bag of eight peanuts handed to him just moments before. He wasn’t sure if he was flying an airline or flight which allows the flight attendants to give out the entire soda can.

Tim thought, as he saw the drink cart in the distance, “This is the time I will finally ask for no ice, and they will have no choice but to pour more soda in my cup.”  However, Tim’s anxiety grew as the cart came closer and closer. Suddenly, he became insecure about his ice request strategy, because if they gave him the entire warm can of Coke, he would really want ice and wouldn’t know what to do.

Although Tim was not available for comment, an eye witness saw Tim moments after the event drinking his few sips of Coke loaded in a glass of ice.