Grandma’s Handmade Embroidery is Littered with Spelling Errors

Piece of needlepoint embroidery that reads

WAHOO – For the record, Holden Michaels loves his grandmother Dialyn Michaels, or as she’s affectionately known by her whole family, Nana. Holden has nothing but respect for the woman who survived The Depression and has worked countless factory jobs to support the family. “But,” Holden admitted pointing to an embroidered sampler hanging on his wall, “my house is covered with her spelling errors.”

Nana cross stitches beautiful needlepoint messages to her many grandchildren onto decorative pillows, tea towels and doilies. Messages like ‘Home Sueet [sic] Home’ and ‘Bles[sic] this Mess’ are emblazoned on every item, but despite the defects, Holden is still compelled to display them proudly. “She is still my Nana,” Holden whispered to reporters as she poured tea in the other room, “I don’t want to disappoint her.”

On this visit, Nana presented her grandson with a tea cozy stitched with the phrase ‘Proud to be a Teemsters[sic] Wife.’ “I don’t even know what this means,” Holden held up his tea cup and whispered to the press, “I’m not married.”

Nana did not comment, but did present members of the press with little pink hand-embroidered sachets emblazoned with the words ‘I charish[sic] you’.