Grandma Unsure why she’s Being Asked to do This

elderly woman leaning down on a mat.

SUBURBS – Ever since Ruth turned 90, her daughter Julie thought it would be adorable to capture a photo of her mother each month to show her downward progression.  It was easy for Julie, as she already had the chalkboard from her princess Bella who according to Julie is now 47 months.  Like most decisions that involve Ruth, we’re told she really didn’t have much say in the matter.

Julie said, “I really don’t know how much longer we’ll have nana and don’t want to regret not capturing these precious moments.”    Julie intends to put all these special moments in album one day; however, feels Facebook is really the best way to show off this amazing display of the end of one’s life.  Julie also draws a chart on the bathroom door showing Grandma how much she’s shrinking every year.