Grandma Hoping for Big Bucks from Dual AM/FM Radio in Garage Sale


APPLETON, WISCONSIN – Ida Winthrop wasn’t expecting to strike gold when she set out to find some old things for her spring garage sale, but after sifting through boxes of her late husband’s possessions, Ida hit pay dirt. From under some old books and photos, Ida found one of the old talky-boxes; yup, a good old-fashioned Panasonic radio that, not only picked up the regular AM channels, but also those sweet new FM waves all the kids were talking about.

“Why, I had no idea!” said a visibly ecstatic Ida. “Winston always did like to fiddle-faddle with all those electronic doo-dads, but I had no idea he was spending this kind of money. When the kids in the neighborhood see this tomorrow? Well.. let’s just say they’ll be no more early-bird specials for Ida.”

Yes, the radio is going to be front and center, right alongside other heavy hitters like the upright Hoover vacuum and the set of porcelain Siamese kitties.  Sporting a hefty price tag of 5 dollars, we know Ida’s expecting some deep-pockets to roll through.