Going to Plumbing School Now Cheaper Than Calling a Plumber


KLOGSVILLE – When Dave Leeky opened up the wall in his kitchen to assess a plumbing problem, he did what most people do; he panicked, then called a plumber. When it was fixed, he couldn’t believe how much money he’d spent to have some man arrive late, bend down with a half-moon butt crack showing, and turn a wrench a few times.

“It was nothing but crap,” Leeky said. “It was like my money went right down the drain, so I checked online to find a cheaper plumber for next time.”

What Leeky found was a local plumbing school offering an entire tuition lower than his single plumber’s visit.

“With the cost of plumbers, I might as well go to plumbing school and learn to do it myself.” So Leeky decided to take the plunge and enrolled.

Doctors and lawyers charge high rates for their in-depth knowledge and to pay off their extensive schooling. But plumbers’ fees appear to be unjustified.

New Roman Times sought to get to the bottom of this, and found one plumber who was willing to talk.

“We have a Plumber’s Union Code,” explained the plumber, who insisted on remaining anonymous. He was worried about being discovered as the source of leaks.

“There’s something called the Disgustingness Quotient,” he said. “If people think something is disgusting enough, they’ll be willing to pay a lot to avoid doing it themselves.”

The plumber said they work to maintain this sense of disgustingness to discourage average people from getting involved. Even the well-known “plumber’s crack” is all part of their image of plumbing being a dirty job.

Despite the dirty work, the plumber said he’s happy to do it for the money.

“It’s the only profession I know of where you can pay off your entire schooling after your first day on the job.”