Gillette Skips Ahead and Introduces New 10 Blade Razor

gillette introduces 10 blade razor

BOSTON – Gillette’s new ten blade razor, Slayer 10, is designed to massacre the competition. Gillette has gained a competitive edge in the razor industry, ten edges, to be exact. The new ten blade razor doubles the blade count of other razors, even their own Fusion 5.

Gillette has been steadily increasing the number of blades ever since pioneering the Trac II twin blade, but another razor company beat them to 4. In an exclusive New Roman Times interview, Gillette CEO Michael Dubin explained how they fought back, and how they’re fighting now.

“Back then we were cutting edge with 5 blades. Today the game has changed, but Gillette is not interested in competing with the new subscription models. We designed the 5-blade razor before those Dollar Shave boys even learned to shave. You’ll lose years of year life shaving with their sluggish economy models. Slayer 10 is the Ferrari of razor blades, and it’s just as fast.” Dubin said. “Seriously, shaving time will blow your face away, doing zero to shaved in like 3 seconds.”

Like a Ferrari, this power comes at a price, but Gillette says the performance is worth every penny. “The Slayer 10 disposable razor retails for $49.99, but you should see this thing in action,” Dubin said. “It pivots and maneuvers your jaw line as close as possible without actually breaking skin (results may vary). The Slayer 10 keeps your afternoon shadow at bay for at least 3 hours more than the competition.

An advertising campaign, just released for the Slayer 10, has the slogan “One Face, One Stroke.”