Geologists Discover Mountain was Once a Mole Hill

A mountain peak

INDIAHOMA – Geologists studying the formation of Haley Peak in Oklahoma made a huge discovery last Thursday: the mountain’s origin can be traced to a moles. The small burrowing mammals normally make nothing more than a mound of dirt dug up to the surface, but over time a molehill can apparently build up to a mountainous peak. Geologists found mole claw marks on petrified parts of rock and trees at the base of the mountain, and a tunnel underneath where prehistoric moles used to dwell.

Otto Perporshun, head researcher from the Geo-illogical Institute, shared his reaction to the mole hill finding. “We’d heard people saying it for years,” he said. “We always thought it was just an expression, but now we know how literal it can be.” The expression originates from 16th century England, and Perporshun and his team want to visit the British Isles next to find more molehill mountains.

Local residents, like Don T. Givakrap don’t seem to care much about the findings. “I think those geologists are making too big a deal out of it,” Givakrap said. “It don’t amount to a hill o’ beans to me.”