Galaxy Note 8 To Come With Grenade Pull Pin, Headphone Jack

A smartphone with an explosion graphic behind it and a pull cord

SUWON, SOUTH KOREA – As Samsung continues their worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7, details are already flooding in about their next flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 8. An announcement today from Samsung explains that, rather than taking a step back, the South Korean electronics company has chosen to embrace the exploding phone trend.

“With the wave of worldwide press we received over our Note 7 model, we recognized the potential of the exploding smartphone market right away,” says Samsung Mobile Senior Designer, Phong Gho Bang. “The problem was never with the phones blowing up, but with the fact that users could not control when it happened.”

Samsung has looked to remedy this oversight by including a new feature with its Note phones: a pull-pin detonator. “When the user pulls the pin from the headphone jack a 10 second detonation begins” said Bang. “If you wish to not explode, simply plug your headphones into the 3.5mm jack and enjoy as you normally would”.

It’s already being called a bold move by Samsung to stand out in a mobile industry that is literally booming. However, concerns are being raised after the initial headphone tests have proved disastrous. A Samsung rep admits that, after handing users a pulled-pin Galaxy Note 8, preloaded with the newest Mumford and Sons album, most chose not to utilize the headphone option.