Four School Children Still Missing in Giant gym Class Parachute

Kids holding a large multi-colored parachute

FRANKLIN, TENNESEE – Authorities are frantically searching for four missing children at a local elementary school this afternoon. The kids mysteriously vanished earlier in the day when a giant multicolored nylon parachute descended upon the them during gym class.

“Most of the students crawled out one-by-one when I called their name,” recounts gym teacher Tom Archer. “But Zach, Tommy, Sarah and Clint never came out. It was funny at first, till we realized they weren’t playing hide n seek.” Mr. Archer’s lip quivered as he struggled to speak. “It was rainy outside, so I had the idea for the big parachute. I just…I just thought it would be fun….”

The classmates of the four missing children also felt the effects. “They were just gone!” recalled local eight-year old Susie Spencer. “We were playing popcorn, and doing the merry-go-round, and then all of a sudden I didn’t see Sarah no more. I was like, ‘Saaaaaaraaaaaah, where aaaaaaaare youuuuuuuu? Are you lost forever and ever inside the giant color wheel?’ But she didn’t answer! I want my best friend back!”

Police are hopeful, but are tempering parent’s expectations. State Trooper Max Morgan reminded the public that the parachute is “extremely enormous compared to most parachutes, and the vibrant colors could daze and confuse our officers during the hunt. We don’t want to risk getting our men lost in that cavernous hell hole.”

Local authorities have quarantined the area and will send in a rescue team to try and find the missing children once daylight breaks. “If we don’t find them within the first 24 hours of our search, that’s when things start to look pretty grim,” conceded Morgan. “Our last hope might be to make a big mushroom with the parachute, but that’s a last resort at this point.”