Forever 21 Designer Fired for Creating Timeless Looks

Large Forever 21 store with palm trees out front

Los Angeles – Fast fashion retailer Forever 21 is facing flack for firing the fabulous Elle Taylor after only 4 seasons of the 52-season fashion cycle. The respected designer has worked alongside the top names in high-end fashion for years but somehow couldn’t hack it at Forever 21? The NRT investigative team knew there must be a story there, and what we uncovered is more revealing than a cheeky monokini.

We caught up with Elle at her fabulous Chelsea loft to get the skinny. She explained, “After allegations Forever 21 wasn’t paying factory workers a living wage to churn out $9 jeans (BTW, duh, how else is that even possible), they were desperate for some good press. Basically, I was hired for my name not my designs.”

Looking at the expensive-looking samples from her F21 Taylor collection and the extraordinarily low production cost projections, we became even more perplexed.

Elle described the binge buying psychology. “There’s a reason that after years of searching through thousands of garments you still haven’t found the perfect little black dress. If it was on the rack, that’s the only thing you would buy, and if it was well-made, you wouldn’t have to buy another dress for years.” Shaking her head, Elle went on, “Forever 21 wants girls to take like 10 dresses into the fitting room. One will be too clingy, one too blingy and one too fringy. None are just right but all are super cheap, right? So, you just buy them all. It’s still cheaper than buying one dress at Nordstrom, so it feels like deal, but really you end up with a closet full of crap and nothing to wear.”

Amen, sister. Elle explained what women everywhere have suspected forever.