Fans Miss The Days When Favorite Actors Were Only Touching Hearts


HOLLYWOOD – It seems like only yesterday that fans were lining up to see our favorite actors their unforgettable performances and heartfelt characters.  Yes, the good ol’ days; when falling asleep with Cosby just meant dozing off in front of the TV. Those days seem to be long gone however as over the past weeks we’ve seen the rapid fall of many celebrity icons as more and more victims come forward with their stories.

The “Me Too” movement sweeping Hollywood has given voice to countless brave women who are now publically facing their attackers. On the other side we see the fans and the industry rightfully turning on once beloved personalities. People who once moved us with their performances would now move us to the other side of the street if we saw them coming. It goes without saying that, even if these actors can salvage their careers, they may never draw crowds to the theaters again. All we can do is take comfort in the fact that so many moviegoers had already sworn off Ben Affleck’s films years ago.

As the list of accused grows, the rest of us wonder which Hollywood personality may be next.

“I just don’t know what I’d do if Bruce Willis turns out to be an awful person,” said distraught fan Shelly Withers. “He just seems like such a nice man.” Other fearful fans keep a watchful eye on the headlines, ready to condemn life itself should the names of Tom Hanks or Morgan Freeman be mentioned.