Facebook to Soon Launch “Nobody Cares” Button

Glaring cat. Looks very serious.

MENLO PARK – Facebook recently added buttons to include emotions such as laughter, excitement, sadness, and love.   Early indicators show these emoji buttons to be a huge success and increasingly popular as the like button alone was too limiting.

Facebook has been diligently researching which feelings are still not represented and recently discovered a heavily overlooked feeling of “nobody cares.”

Facebook engineer, Java Koder said, “we’re seeing many people talking about their cats that just don’t get much engagement as users do not have an easy way to express that nobody cares.”

Facebook members are stoked about this update coming soon.

Jack Thompson said, “I really don’t care whether people ran 2 or 4 miles that day but wish there was a way to let them know.”

Sarah McFarland says, “Wow, you made dinner all by yourself with food already prepared? Thank you for sharing, but I just want to say nobody cares.”

Matt Dorty said, “I don’t care what Disney princess you’re most like or what US state matches your dull personality.”

Facebook has begun beta testing the “nobody cares” button in certain areas and hopes to roll this feature out by later this year.