“Epic Fit” Gym to Become “Epic Fail” Pub on January 14th

Store front with a crane putting up oversized letters EPIC FI

DENVER – Epic Fit gym will close on January 10th and reopen on January 14th as Epic Fail pub. Owners Jim Carpenter and Shirley “Spike” Temple teamed up to make both their dreams come true. Jim is a self-described optimist and had a vision for a fitness facility where members could turn their health and lives around. Spike is a self-described realist and believes that everyone has their ups and downs.

Jim and Spike are partners in life and in business. They have been living together for three years, but Spike says, “Marriage too often ends in an expensive divorce. If failure is inevitable, I’m not going lose money on it. I see human failure as an opportunity.” Together they created a flexible business model that will change right along with natural tide of human behavior.

Between crunches, Jim crunched the numbers, and he discovered, “Even though we sell monthly gym memberships, most people break their New Year’s resolutions within the first 10 days and never come back.

With her raspy smoker’s voice, Spike added, “Those that do show up are relieved and happy to have a drink on the house instead.”

When the gym closes down and the bar opens up, the tagline will change from “New Year, New You” to “New Year, New Low.” Menu items will include: Drown Your Sorrows Double Shots and Humble Pie Dessert Martinis. No light beers or Skinnygirl products will be served. All bar fare will be deep fried, sprinkled with bacon and served with cream-based sauce.