Email Leak Reveals Clinton Ignored Calls for aid From Nigerian Prince


WASHINGTON DC – The latest round of emails released by WikiLeaks reveals that as US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton blatantly ignored a desperate request for aid from a foreign head of state.

In the email, Prince Waseem Attah of Nigeria called Clinton a “DEPENDABLE AND TRUST WORDY FOREIGN PARTNER” and requested assistance in arranging a legal transfer of funds from his country to a US bank account. Server logs show the email was deleted just seconds after being opened.

Congressional leaders were quick to criticize Clinton for the slight. “The Secretary of State is our ambassador to the world”, said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “Such disrespect for the leaders of other countries weakens our international alliances and strengthens our enemies’ resolve.”

When contacted by email for a comment on Clinton’s handling of the incident, Prince Attah said “SHARING SHALL BE 25% FOR YOU, 85% FOR ME. PLEASE HASTEN UP TO MAKE PROVISIONS” adding “SEND TO ME YOUR TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBERS TO DISCUSS FURTHER.”

The Clinton campaign has yet to respond to the latest round of allegations.