Elton John Agrees to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration Just to Watch Mike Pence Squirm

Dual shot of Elton John and Mike Pence

BEVERLY HILLS – Sir Elton John has agreed to perform at Donald J. Trump’s inauguration in January, after initially declining the offer. Fran Curtis, the publicist for the British singer, issued a statement giving two reasons for his decision. The first is the presence on Trump’s presidential transition team of Anthony Scaramucci, a self-proclaimed gay-rights activist who recently voiced support for same-sex marriage. The second reason, coming from Elton himself, is that he would love to perform “just to watch Mike Pence squirm.”

The Vice President-elect is known for his public stance against marriage equality, even warning that it might lead to “societal collapse.” Elton John, who is married to his longtime partner David Furnish, said that he’ll look forward to Mike Pence’s reaction, especially if he decides to perform in some of his old costumes.

“I might just wear something really flamboyant,” said John, “and take the opportunity to dedicate a song to gay people everywhere. We’ll just see how old Pencey reacts to that.”

It is unclear how Mike Pence feels about having Elton John back on the bill, other than saying he trusts Donald Trump’s inaugural choices.

“I have a feeling Pence is a closeted fan of mine,” said Elton John. “He may even be closeted in another way. I mean, he loves theater, and look how impeccably he presents himself.”