Eight Penguins Expected to Testify at Morgan Freeman’s Trial


ANTARCTICA – After initial accusations of harassment against actor Morgan Freeman, a wave of other cast members and former co-workers have come forward with their own stories. Freeman, known for his role in Shawshank Redemption and playing God in Bruce Almighty, has apologized for his behavior but it looks like this may only be the beginning. Now new witnesses from the beloved documentary “March of the Penguins” are coming forward with their own stories.

“He was always a little handsy” says one Pingy the Penguin. “He once lifted up my flipper and tried rubbing my fur.”

Others testifying remarked on his language on set.

“He was always talking about ‘what’s under my tuxedo’ and asking things like ‘what’s that beak do?’ It was very uncomfortable for all of us,” said another.

Some even say there wouldn’t have been a march at all if it wasn’t for Morgan’s presence on set. Rumor has it the film started as a simple lifestyle doc before news came out that Morgan Freeman was coming to the set which sent the tuxedo-clad animals scurrying for the hills.

National Geographic and Warner Brothers are already in discussion for releasing a reshoot of the film to save face with new narration being done by Gilbert Godfried: a beloved figure in the bird community, known for his portrayal of Ieago in Aladin and the Afflack duck.