Drunk Texting Is Now #1 Cause of Death Among Teens

teenagers looking at phone.

TUCSON – Sending text messages while intoxicated has surpassed motor vehicle death as the leading cause of teen fatality. Stan Soberupp, head of the National Cellphone Safety Commission, said teens are unaware how messed up they are when they get behind the touchscreen.

“Teens text plenty of stupid stuff when they’re not drunk,” Soberupp said. “When you put alcohol in the mix, their stupidity increases to dangerous levels and can eventually be the death of them.”

The NCSC states that if you know a teen who is drinking and texting, take away their phone before they get hurt or hurt somebody else. It just might save a teen’s life.

Arizona is now a zero-tolerance drunk texting state, meaning any alcohol detected on a texter’s breath could result in a TUI (texting under the influence). Of course, the legal drinking age is 21, so teens could now be breaking two laws by drunk texting. Teens found to be drunk and douchey could land themselves in the drunk tank overnight with the right to a phone call, but no texting.