Dropbox Error Leads to Creation of Alternate Universe

multiple identical planets lined up

EL PASO – An innocent attempt to create a shared Dropbox folder has become a cautionary tale like something out of Black Mirror. While trying to give everyone in the office access to an Excel spreadsheet, administrative assistant Joe Clarkson inadvertently ruptured the fabric of time and space and gained access to an alternate reality.

“We’re calling it ‘Office Deux,’ Clarkson said. “At first, we noticed a real upswing in the number of duplicate files, half-finished work and mysteriously deleted stuff. I just chalked it up to idiot new hires and cracked some skulls. Then we started getting spreadsheets from the future.”

Clarkson and a few of the more observant workers starting taking surreptitious trips to Office Deux once they discovered the physical location of the portal.

“That’s a funny story, Clarkson said. It was Bring Your Pet to Work Day and Helen’s cat, Mr. Fluff-Fluff, started wandering around. After a while, we hear a bunch of hissing and clanking coming from the broom closet. Next thing you know there are two Mr. Fluff Fluffs running around the office – super cute but also kind of freaky.”

Pretty soon trips through the broom closet portal were frequent and happy employees gleefully retrieved the alternative files. Morale was extraordinarily high as the work became effortless.

“Dude,” Clarkson sighed, “everything was flawless and efficient. It was great couple of weeks or so. Of course, the dumbass IT guys came in and updated all our machines. So, of course, that was the end of that. Luckily, Mr. Fluff Fluff Deux got trapped on this side. Love that little guy.”