Donald Trump Refused to Abide by Price cap in White House Secret Santa

santa claus

WASHINGTON D.C. – Tensions rise as the holiday season is on its way out and President-elect Donald Trump prepares to transition to his new home in Washington D.C. Every year the White House staff takes part in a Secret Santa gift exchange as a way to show their appreciation to one another and take a short, but much needed, break from the daunting task that is running this country.

We were able to get an interview with Junior Intern Sophie Peralta who was picked by Trump in this year’s game.

“Things have been crazy around here, but everyone on staff was looking forward to Secret Santa. We even invited the President-Elect to join as a way of saying that we wish him the best of luck as Commander-in-Chief. We try to keep the prices under $35 and encourage homemade gifts to really make them special.”

However, Peralta said that Mr. Trump broke all the rules, “Not only did he spend well over $1000, I know this because he left the receipts in the petty cash box, but it was all from the Trump brand. Where am I supposed to keep 50lbs of Trump steaks and four copies of The Art of the Deal in my studio apartment?”

Reports are coming in that he did not just stop at the person he picked. He passed out signed diplomas from Trump University always following it with a smirk and a, “Too soon?” He also gave clay wall sculptures to all of the employees he believed were of Mexican decent, although only a few actually have a Mexican heritage; the rest are from other parts of the world including Italy, Portugal and even one tan German who just got back from Hawaii.

White House correspondent, and Secret Santa organizer, Kris O’Connell had this to say: “We always do something serious and a gag gift. Someone has gotten President Obama a pack of candy cigarettes every year. The first lady doesn’t find it too funny, because it combines the two things she hates most in the world, but it’s always good for a laugh. When President Elect Trump received a pair of gloves made for an American Girl Doll, he was far from amused. Mike Pence gave out pens that shock people hoping that, over time, it would get rid of any lingering bits of homosexuality.”