Donald Trump Attempts Hostile Takeover of Sears & Kmart to Save Ivanka’s Fashion line

Trump branded Kmart

NEW YORK – Last week Donald Trump had a tweet reaction to the latest stores dropping his daughter’s products: “Sears CEO Edward Lampert – YOU’RE FIRED!” Now the president is doing more than just tweet blasting, and is taking hard line action. A few days ago he made a bid to take over Sears Holdings and its subsidiary Kmart after the stores announced they would stop selling Trump brand items.

“It’s terrible,” the president said at yesterday’s press conference. “Ivanka is always pushing me to do the right thing, because otherwise I would be even worse. The only way I can get anyone to sell her products is to force them to do it. So now I’m taking over.”

Ivanka Trump was standing by his side wearing a black wrap sweater and gold heels from her fashion line. Afterward she urged her Twitter followers to “shop Ivanka’s look from #hostiletakeover announcement!”