Donald Trump Accidentally Interrupts Himself

split shot of two Donald Trumps speaking

NEW YORK – Donald J. Trump, notorious for interrupting people in conversation, has finally done it to himself.
It happened during a recent CNN interview with political correspondent Bria Keller, who began by addressing Trump’s treatment of Hillary Clinton during the first Presidential debate.

“Listen, I meant no disrespect to Secretary Clinton,” Trump said. “She is very talented, and I…WRONG, not true, she has no natural talents.”

Keller asked for clarification on his response, and Trump appeared to interrupt himself again.
“To tell you the truth, I could have said worse things about Hillary, but I didn’t because I’m too nice, and – NICE? This was a debate, you’ve gotta be tough.”

Trump continued the rest of the interview in the same manner, cutting his own sentences shorter and shorter and sniffing more and more. At one point, it looked like he was going to punch himself . Bria, concerned for Trump’s and her own safety, cut the interview short.