Dog Channel Highlights Travel Hot-Spots Where Other Dogs Have Peed

Dog lounging in pool, on luxurious pink pool float with designer shades on.

HOLLYWOOD- There’s a new highlight in travel programing for the ARF (All creatures Rich & Furry) network, a cable television network for young, canine jet-setters and globetrotters. ARF has just launched ‘Unleashed,’ hosted by BonBon, a Weimaraner who travels the world with her handlers, looking for the greatest destinations where other dogs have peed.

In her first episodes, BonBon stresses the importance of travel etiquette, such as the politeness of sniffing other dog’s butts and being conscious of spot ownership (the recent aroma of fresh pee may mean you’re encroaching on someone’s territory). BonBon stresses not biting off more than you can chew by pacing yourself, “You don’t have to pee on everything,” she says in an early episode, “and don’t just hit the tourist traps, find out where the locals pee.”

The highlight of each episode, however, is the destination, and early locations do not disappoint. BonBon treks to the Blarney castle in Ireland to squat next to the Blarney stone, she leaves no leaf un-peed-upon in a very productive weekend in California’s redwood forest, and even turns the camera on a beloved hot-spot in her hometown, Mr. Ferguson’s Tulips on the Corner of 34th and Polk St. In between, BonBon makes time to visit over 400 fire hydrants, a daunting task for any dog.

Early criticisms of ‘Unleashed’ say that BonBon sets the bar very low for impressionable dog viewers seeing her disobedient behavior. In the first three episodes alone, BonBon is seen chasing cats, snapping at her handlers, demanding treats, even though she has ignored her trainers ‘sit’ commands. Concerned dog parents have requested that the show be rated MD (suitable for mature dogs), and BonBon herself addressed the controversy by demonstrating her best ‘roll over’ on a recent Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon interview. “I want America to see me as a work in progress.” She told members of the press gathered near a local duck pond, “No dog is perfect, and I WILL MURDER YOU, GODDAMN IT!” Reporters confirmed this was not directed at them, but at a squirrel that had scampered up a tree.

Reservations aside, no matter if you squat or lift your leg, you are bound to get a new leash on life! New episodes of ‘Unleashed’ air on Fridays at 8/7 Central on the ARF network.