Couple Stays Awake During Entire Movie With Subtitles


BREAKING – Ted and Sheila Bennett have done it. In a stunning turn, this couple has officially finished a movie with subtitles without falling asleep. The film of choice? Swedish blockbuster “The Whispers of The Valley,” a provocative coming of age story about a young girl with a club foot who travels the country in search of her estranged father.

Clocking in with nearly a two-hour runtime, the film is no flyby episode of The Big Bang Theory. As lengthy as it is emotionally draining, the couple picked the film based on a recommendation from Sheila’s sister Stephanie.

“The story sounded alright I guess,” said Ted. “But as soon as I heard the word “subtitles,” I just looked over at Sheila and gave her this look like ‘are we really going to try this?’”

Try they did. It looked for a moment like they weren’t going to make it. In the middle of the second act, during the father’s 6-minute monologue, Sheila’s eyes grew heavy and (as everybody knows) once Sheila is out, Ted is quick to follow. But just as she began to shut her eyes, little Frida, the film’s lead, delivered the film’s heartbreaking tagline:

“Men poppa…mina fötter är inte bra” (“But Poppa…I cannot dance”).

Sheila’s eyes opened wide. Her tear ducts fired up, and the intensity of the scene poured over her. After that, Ted and Sheila made it to the finish line in spectacular fashion; a spectacle that eerily mirrored the films’ final moments, where little Frida hobbles her way across the Finnish border.