Cosby’s Mistrial Caused by Incapacitated Female Juror

Group of jurors sitting on the bench, one of which has her head back like she's dazed.

Norristown, Pennsylvania – After over 53 hours of intense deliberations, the jury of 12 did not reach a unanimous decision in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial, which led Judge O’Neill to declare a mistrial. O’Neill said, “Although all conscience jurors strongly held guilty verdicts, there was 1 incapacitated juror who just simply would not answer my question, choosing to remain silent.”

Legal expert, Liddy Gates, seemed perplexed, “Juror number eight was a top pick for the prosecution. Throughout the trial she listened attentively, seemed moved by the victim’s testimony and scowled at Cosby. But when it came time for the verdict, she was slumped back in the juror box like a rag doll.”

Another juror, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that during deliberations, juror eight’s water glass looked foggy; then, after a few sips, the juror herself became foggy. “She mumbled incoherently about Rudy and Bud,” said the anonymous juror, “and then she never said another word.”

At the end of the trial, defense team expert Cee Kwesta seemed satisfied with the outcome and said, “Mr. Cosby feels confident he can overcome another resistant juror if another one tries to put up a fight.”