Container Store Keeps Inventory Fresh

A view of a Container Store location with a giant plastic sealing top instead of a roof.

COPPELL – The Container Store, the country’s largest retailer of storage containers, has lifted the lid on the secret of its success: keeping inventory fresh. “Retail businesses understand the importance of fresh inventory,” said company spokesperson Ana Behallare, “but at the Container Store, we keep it really fresh.”

Container Stores are known for well-sealed products, but the stores themselves are also well-sealed. The Container Store designs its own buildings with silicone seals around the doors that keep out wind, moisture and dust. The ventilation system blows air out when doors are opened, creating vacuum-sealed freshness inside. There are also tabs to keep doors secure.

“If we ever get jostled by an earthquake, ordinary stores will lose inventory through flapping open doors,” Behallare said. “But at the Container Store, our building’s doors stay closed, so everything will remain contained inside.”

Container Stores are made of Impact-Resistant plastic, which makes them weather-resistant, in the case of hurricanes or tornados. The plastic is also certified BPA-Free, keeping customers safe from chemicals. In case of an emergency, the roof is actually a giant lid that lifts open, providing easy escape access. And if a Container Store ever experienced a torrential flood, it would float perfectly.

Container Stores are Freezer Safe for those located in cold climates. They are also Oven Safe, resistant to heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for stores located in Arizona. They are even microwaveable, which makes the Container Store a safe place to be during an atomic bomb detonation, or nuclear reactor meltdown. They are Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe, in case anyone ever makes a giant dishwasher.

Container Stores are stackable, like their Manhattan store, which conserves space in crowded cities.

The only concern about freshness at the Container Store is fresh air. “Container Stores are air-tight,” Behallare said. “That lack of oxygen makes it difficult to breathe in there after a while.” Container Store customers and employees are encouraged to step outside frequently to get a breath of fresh air.