Congressional Republicans Sign Obama’s Yearbook, Hope he Remembers the Good Times

Obama signing a bill surrounded by members

WASHINGTON DC – With only a few days remaining in his term, Washington has been awash in nostalgia and reflection. As evidenced by the adoring crowds at his farewell speech in Chicago, there are many who are sad to see him go. Surprisingly enough, some of his biggest Congressional critics are among them. White House officials are reporting that many Republicans have been seeking the POTUS out and insisting on signing the special yearbook Obama’s staff had made up to record well-wisher’s thoughts.

Some took the opportunity to reminisce about the unprecedented, uniquely adversarial relationship enjoyed between the congressional Republicans and the President from day one. “It was so much fun obstructing you all these years. Couldn’t do it without you!” read one senate veteran’s message.
“Remember when we said our number one mission was to make you a one term President? Well the second term was so much fun, it’s totally cool that didn’t work out!” said another.

Other messages were more heartfelt and dealt with spiritual matters and their appreciation for the Obama family values. One senator offered this surprisingly tolerant note: “Don’t worry buddy, you’ll still be getting Ramadan cards from this guy. You Muslims are pretty okay!”

White House officials, caught up as they are in the flurry of activity involving transition, did not go out of their way to acknowledge the outpouring of support. However, one would imagine that after eight years of rigorous but productive debate, the good vibes are entirely mutual.