Class Action Suit Filed After M&M’s Melt in Hand

Hand full of M&M candies with melted chocolate on it.

New York – A group of consumer advocates have filed a lawsuit against the Mars Corporation, maker of M&M’s, accusing the company of false advertising and uncontrollable cocoa.

It all began last summer when South Carolina resident Melanie Smudger was eating the candy at the Westminster Dog Show, and suddenly it was all over her little dog. “The mess was horrendous,” she claimed, “my poor poodle was the laughing stock of the entire show.”

Melanie realized she was not alone. Her father Jon Suer, a prosecuting attorney, remembered the M&M’s slogan, and knew they had more than chocolate on their hands – they had a case.

“M&M’s claim their product ‘Melts in your mouth, Not in your hands,” Suer said. “But we’ve shown that claim to be false, and we have the glove to prove it.” Suer assembled others to join in on the case, and pretty soon they had a group of over 50 victims of M&M negligence. Now they look forward to their day in court, where they’ll come face-to-face with those colorful spokescandies.