Chinese President Accuses Trump of “Compensating” by Building “Not-So-Great Wall”

Section of the Great Wall of China

BEIJING – President-Elect Donald Trump has seen a fair amount of ridicule over the past election year from comedians, other American politicians, and the media. Now it appears as if world power leaders are jumping into the fray, beginning with head of the Communist State of China. Diplomats and foreign affairs experts are still sifting through the comments by Chinese President Xi Jinping to discern his meaning and intention, but one thing is for sure: he’s hitting Trump below the belt.

“It’s obvious that he’s compensating for something,” said the President of the People’s Republic of China. “Thousands of years ago our ancestors built the Great Wall of China. Today it stands tall, and thick, with excellent length and girth. Quite clearly the United State’s new president feels threatened under the shadow of its enormous presence. He wants to build a Not-So-Great Wall in his own country to show us up. But his wall will never satisfy his citizens like our wall can.”

Trump was quick to respond to the remarks, tweeting, “Look, if the Chinese government wants to have a wall measuring contest, the US will go brick for brick.” He later tweeted, “He referred to my wall, if it’s small then something else must be small. Guarantee you there’s no problem. The US is packing, believe me.”