Candy Not Worth Dressing Up, Kids Say


DEVILS LAKE – Halloween Used to be a time where kids across the nation would plans months in advance to work on their costumes for that once a year opportunity to get lots of candy from neighbors. More and more kids these days are getting candy all year round and they’re finding it hard to justify the work of putting on a costume.

Six time Halloween participant, Britney McQueen said “I mean, like, can’t we just go to Costco and get candy in bulk variety packs already?” Softon Whiney said, “I’m sick of waiting for someone to answer the door, or hiding behind the couch with the lights off. It’s like, enough time to start a text but just not enough time to finish and that’s annoying.”

Part of the problem might be that the bag full of pennies has yet to turn into nickels and kids never really bought into the “fun size” movement for a second. Many believe that it won’t be long before adults start send emoji candies to kids after receiving a text trick or treat.