Campaign Manager Advises Trump That This Isn’t a Reality Election

Trump campaign rally

NEW YORK – When Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, took over as campaign manager, he immediately called an emergency meeting with Donald Trump and other key staff. Steve told Trump during this meeting that his presidential campaign isn’t a reality show, but rather a real democratic election for a real country, more specifically, The United States of America. Confused by this news, Trump cited his high ratings and dominating media coverage, saying that he didn’t quite understand why so much focus of the meeting was on the polls, which is just a skewed sample of a few hundred people.

Even after yet another reality check from his staff, Trump insisted “Look, nobody knows how to run a show and get ratings better than me, nobody. People love me, and they’ll tune in week-after-week to see what happens next, believe me. Polls mean nothing, because it’s a rigged system. Ratings will translate into real votes, mark my words.” At this time, it’s still unclear to Trump whether or not he’ll receive a rose come November, but more meetings are scheduled to address these concerns later this week.