Caitlyn Jenner Says She Enjoys Mother’s Day Way Better Than Father’s Day

Caitlyn Jenner wearing pink robe

MALIBU – Caitlyn Jenner looks forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this year and doesn’t miss Father’s Day at all. “In 2015 I celebrated both,” Jenner said, “which sounds good, because it’s like a double dip holiday.”

But the experience made Jenner realize how much better it is to be a mother. Last year she enjoyed brunch, flowers, chocolates and fancy cards. Her last Father’s Day was spent at a pizza joint with a can of beer and a Home Depot gift card. “Father’s Day I can do without,” Jenner said. “Usually nobody remembers it until the day before. Heck, I’ve even forgotten it, but then again, I kind of forget I was a father sometimes.”

Jenner said this Mother’s Day will be even more enjoyable now that she’s a full-fledged woman, having completed sex reassignment surgery this past January. “I feel more motherly now, with umm…less of the fatherly part.”

This year is also special because she’s just released a new book and plans on giving one to her mother on her special day. Jenner said she will be spending time with her children and getting dressed up. “Ooh, I can wear my pink dress and flowers in my hat. After that though, I’ll get back into my mom jeans.”